Understand shopper behaviour like never before

As the world becomes more digital and privacy-sensitive, the need to understand and connect directly with your consumers will become increasingly urgent.

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CPGs & Retailers:
deliver rewards, collect data, connect with consumers


Our service is open to all, including people who pay in cash

With highly loyal users

1st party data

Habits and spending patterns

Detailed shopper data

Product-level purchase data

Measurable ROI

Performance-based and closed loop measurement

Connect mobile promotions to in-store sales with a 100% ROI

How does it work?

A fast, easy and gratifying experience for our users


Users opt-in

And give us permission to use their data

They snap photos of their receipts and upload them

We gather data from the receipts and combine it with survey data to build rich shopper profiles

They receive almost instant cashback rewards

Real money rewards they can cash-out via bank transfer

No points, no coupons

We make it easy for CPGs & retailers to collect and use 1st party data in a way that is fun and rewarding for consumers

And we operate a performance-based commercial model so our partners can try our service with zero risk